Program Management and the Art of Communication Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- How to design your communication so that you enhance your audience’s understanding.
- The power of blending logic, emotions, and your personal presence to increase your persuasive abilities.
- Best practices for effectively handling the complex information flows in programs and projects.
- How to use coordinated management of meaning tools to build program or project teams, negotiate with stakeholders, and convince executives to support your programs/projects.

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Persuasion and Presence for Program and Project Managers (edX)

Logic is not enough. Program managers need presence and to move stakeholders emotionally. Project professionals only follow people they both respect and trust. Learn to apply Aristotle’s persuasion triad to create successful communication that persuades.

Storytelling That Delivers Program and Project Outcomes (edX)

Storytelling is how leaders lead other leaders. Tell your project’s story to inspire your project teams, encourage your stakeholders, and gain customer commitment to project and program success. Program and project managers are master storytellers. They have to be in order to weave high-priority information into a memorable narrative [...]

Effective Communication for Program and Project Stakeholders and Teams (edX)

Go beyond the communication methods you learned in the project management training. Learn how to structure your program and project communications for the most effective understanding by your stakeholders, project managers, and project teams. “Everyone communicates, but few connect” is a famous book and message by John C. Maxwell [...]

Managing Conflicts on Projects with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence (edX)

Great program managers understand and heal bad communication habits and conflicts that arise within project teams and stakeholders. Learn how by leveraging emotional and cultural intelligence using the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM). Every program and project has a social world. The program managers, project managers, project teams, and [...]