Product Ideation Design and Management Specialization

This Specialization is designed for aspiring and active products leaders seeking to pursue careers in product management, product design, and related roles. Through five practical courses, you will learn the fundamentals for designing and managing products. Upon completion, you will have created your own personal toolbox of knowledge and techniques for approaching and solving real-world problems that product leaders face.

- Identify product ideas by developing your entrepreneurial thinking, exploring competitive analysis and industry analysis, and understanding the keys to value innovation.
- Understand the keys to successfully navigating the roles and responsibilities of being a product leader to champion change with internal and external collaborators and influencers.
- Learn how to truly know your target customer, your customer’s underserved needs, your value proposition, your product feature set, and your user experience, then integrate this knowledge into product and market requirements and positioning plans.
- Translate product ideas into reality by creating prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs), as well as the financial strategies to fund their development and delivery

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Developing Innovative Ideas for Product Leaders (Coursera)

For product leaders, creating new new products and improving existing products are imperatives for success. Maturing technologies and aging product portfolios are requiring companies to discover, develop, and deliver products that customers love. This course is focused on the first step of this journey, identifying and evaluating new product [...]

Product Management Essentials (Coursera)

May 20th 2024
Product Management Essentials (Coursera)
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Product management is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative jobs available today. Companies have awoken to the desperate need for product managers to create products that customers love, that integrate design, functionality, and business solutions. In our course, we define the fundamentals of product management and why [...]

Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing (Coursera)

Designing the customer and user experience is essential to creating great products today. Gone is the old paradigm of “form follows function” model of design. The process must be iterative and follow the best product design and development processes. While designing a great user experience can be a lengthy [...]

Financial Management for Product Leaders (Coursera)

This course is for aspiring or active product leaders who wants to understand how to secure and manage funding for their activities. We will demystify key accounting and financing concepts to give product leaders a guide to developing the business case for their ideas, and securing funding to translate [...]

Establishing Product-Market Fit (Coursera)

Entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreessen coined the term product-market fit in 2007 when he said, “Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.” While there are ample articles that mention the term, detailed guidance on how to actually achieve product-market fit [...]