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Construction Scheduling (Coursera)

Learners will discover the key project scheduling techniques and procedures including; how to create a network diagram, how to define the importance of the critical path in a project network, and defining project activities float. Also covered are the fundamentals of Bar Charts, Precedence Diagrams, Activity on Arrow, PERT, [...]

Systems Thinking In Public Health (Coursera)

This course provides an introduction to systems thinking and systems models in public health. Problems in public health and health policy tend to be complex with many actors, institutions and risk factors involved. If an outcome depends on many interacting and adaptive parts and actors the outcome cannot be [...]

Geometric Algorithms (Coursera)

Dec 2nd 2022
Geometric Algorithms (Coursera)
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Course Information: In many areas of computer science such as robotics, computer graphics, virtual reality, and geographic information systems, it is necessary to store, analyze, and create or manipulate spatial data. This course deals with the algorithmic aspects of these tasks: we study techniques and concepts needed for the [...]

Introducción a UML (Coursera)

Bienvenidos a este curso de introducción al Lenguaje de Modelado Unificado, o UML por su sigla en inglés. Este curso surge como respuesta a la necesidad de los ingenieros de software de desarrollar la habilidad de abstraer y representar en un modelo problemas o soluciones. Esta habilidad es especialmente [...]

Mechanics of Materials III: Beam Bending (Coursera)

This course explores the analysis and design of beam bending problems. Prerequisite Knowledge: You will need to have successfully completed my earlier course “Mechanics of Materials I: Fundamentals of Stress and Strain and Axial Loading” in order to be successful in this course.

Material Processing (Coursera)

Have you ever wondered why ceramics are hard and brittle while metals tend to be ductile? Why some materials conduct heat or electricity while others are insulators? Why adding just a small amount of carbon to iron results in an alloy that is so much stronger than the base [...]

Mechanics of Materials I: Fundamentals of Stress & Strain and Axial Loading (Coursera)

This course explores the topic of solid objects subjected to stress and strain. The methods taught in the course are used to predict the response of engineering structures to various types of loading, and to analyze the vulnerability of these structures to various failure modes. Axial loading with be [...]

Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis (Coursera)

This course is an introduction into formal concept analysis (FCA), a mathematical theory oriented at applications in knowledge representation, knowledge acquisition, data analysis and visualization. It provides tools for understanding the data by representing it as a hierarchy of concepts or, more exactly, a concept lattice. FCA can help [...]

Causal Diagrams: Draw Your Assumptions Before Your Conclusions (edX)

Learn simple graphical rules that allow you to use intuitive pictures to improve study design and data analysis for causal inference. Causal diagrams have revolutionized the way in which researchers ask: Does X have a causal effect on Y? They have become a key tool for researchers who study [...]