Computer System

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Serviços de infraestruturas e administração de sistemas (Coursera)

Este curso vai fazer a transição do trabalho num único computador para uma frota inteira. A administração de sistemas é o campo das TI responsável por manter sistemas de computadores fiáveis num ambiente multiutilizador. Neste curso, vai saber mais sobre os serviços de infraestruturas que mantêm todas as entidades, [...]
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Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Coursera)

This course will provide you with a basic introduction to Linux® skills using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8. It will show you how a Linux system is organized, and will demonstrate introductory system administration tasks, which you will be able to practice on your own. You will be introduced [...]
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System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services (Coursera)

This course will transition you from working on a single computer to an entire fleet. Systems administration is the field of IT that’s responsible for maintaining reliable computers systems in a multi-user environment. In this course, you’ll learn about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, big and small, [...]
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Introduction to Computers and Office Productivity Software (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn the following essential computer skills for the digital age: major hardware components of a computer system; different types of software on a computer system; photo Editing using GIMP; and word processing applications, including MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.
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Computation Structures 3: Computer Organization (edX)

Feb 28th 2017
Computation Structures 3: Computer Organization (edX)
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Learn how to turn a processor into an entire computer system in this interactive computer science course from MIT. Digital systems are at the heart of the information age in which we live, allowing us to store, communicate and manipulate information quickly and reliably. This computer science course is [...]
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