Philip Hans Franses

Philip Hans Franses is Professor of Applied Econometrics and Professor of Marketing Research, both at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2006 he serves as the Dean of the Erasmus School of Economics. As Adjunct Professor he is affiliated with the University of Western Australia, Chiang Mai University in Thailand and the Anton De Kom University in Suriname. His research interests concern the development and application of econometric methods for relevant, meaningful and interesting problems in marketing, finance and macro-economics. He has published textbooks with Oxford UP and Cambridge UP, some of which were translated into Chinese and Italian. He has published more than 250 articles in international journals. He consults a range of companies and institutions including multinationals and charities.

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Econometrics: Methods and Applications (Coursera)

Do you wish to know how to analyze and solve business and economic questions with data analysis tools? Then Econometrics by Erasmus University Rotterdam is the right course for you, as you learn how to translate data into models to make forecasts and to support decision making.

Enjoyable Econometrics (Coursera)

The goal of this MOOC is to show that econometric methods are often needed to answer questions. A question comes first, then data are to be collected, and then finally the model or method comes in. Depending on the data, however, it can happen that methods need to be adapted.