Nina Stevenson

Education for Sustainability Manager at Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion.

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Fashion Values: Economy (FutureLearn)

Nov 29th 2021
Fashion Values: Economy (FutureLearn)
Course Auditing
Understand an economy in the context of fashion and create a plan for fashion that nurtures wellbeing for people and nature. Explore the relationship between economics, fashion, people, and nature. Fashion is an integral part of the global economy, yet we know that dominant economic practices in fashion are [...]
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Fashion Values: Nature (FutureLearn)

Understand biodiversity in the context of fashion and create a plan for fashion that protects our earth’s systems. Discover fashion practices that can protect, restore, and regenerate ecosystems. Nature is the life force that provides us with the air, water, soil, and minerals that sustain life on earth. These [...]
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Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World (FutureLearn)

Get an introduction to issues, agendas and contexts relating to fashion and sustainability in a changing world. How can we make fashion more sustainable? Fashion is a global industry worth $2.4 trillion, employing around 50 million people, and is said to be one of the world’s most polluting industries. [...]
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