Joanna Osiejewicz

Joanna Osiejewicz is Associate Professor and Head of International Legal Communication Research Center, Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw. She received PhD in Applied Linguistics from University of Warsaw in 2010, PhD in Law form Lazarsky University in 2013, and habilitation in Law from University of Gdańsk in 2018. Her research interests are: legal communication, global governance, fragmentation of law, harmonization of law, transnational law, application of international law and European Union law. Vice-Rector’s Proxy for International Cooperation at the University of Warsaw (2020-2024), seconded to Management Committee of the 4EU+ Alliance. Board Member of University of Warsaw Foundation. Creator and Editor-in-Chief of “Journal of International Legal Communication” (Publisher: University of Warsaw). Sworn translator and interpreter for German in Poland. Attorney-at-law at the Bar Association in Warsaw.

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Data Literacy – What is it and why does it matter? (Coursera)

You might already know that data is not neutral. Our values and assumptions are influenced by the data surrounding us - the data we create, the data we collect, and the data we share with each other. Economic needs, social structures, or algorithmic biases can have profound consequences for [...]

European Citizenship (Coursera)

Nov 20th 2023
European Citizenship (Coursera)
Course Auditing
All citizens in the EU are granted a European Citizenship on top of their national citizenship. The European citizenship was formally established when written into the Treaty of Maastricht in 1993, but had gradually matured through a longer historical process. Over time, it has developed into becoming a very [...]