Data Literacy

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Data Literacy Capstone – Evaluating Research (Coursera)

This is the final course in the Data Literacy Specialization. In this capstone course, you'll apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired in the specialization to the critical evaluation of an original quantitative analysis. The project will first require you to identify and read a piece [...]

Healthcare Data Literacy (Coursera)

This course will help lay the foundation of your healthcare data journey and provide you with knowledge and skills necessary to work in the healthcare industry as a data scientist. Healthcare is unique because it is associated with continually evolving and complex processes associated with health management and medical [...]

Data Literacy – What is it and why does it matter? (Coursera)

You might already know that data is not neutral. Our values and assumptions are influenced by the data surrounding us - the data we create, the data we collect, and the data we share with each other. Economic needs, social structures, or algorithmic biases can have profound consequences for [...]

Learning Analytics for Teachers (FFHS)

The course aims to provide teachers with information and skills on how they can use Learning Analytics to improve support for their current or next learner groups. They will also get familiar with basic methods, including their analytics literacy, and align their work with ethics and privacy [...]

Digital Literacy (Coursera)

The online course in Digital Literacy offered by HSE University was designed to help the students acquire various competencies that will enable them to safely and effectively use digital technologies and Internet resources in an academic and professional context. The Digital Literacy course is a step-by-step guide covering various [...]

Data Literacy Foundations (edX)

Take the first step to becoming a leader in data-driven decision-making. In Data Literacy Foundations, you will learn how critical thinking is an essential data literacy skill in today’s data-driven world. You’ll begin by considering how you use data every day, discussing the value of data and examining the [...]

Digital Future Literacy - Fit für die digitale Zukunft (openHPI)

Im Zuge der Digitalisierung müssen sich viele heute im Erwerbsleben stehende Menschen beruflich weiterqualifizieren. Zunehmend gebraucht werden nicht nur technologische Fähigkeiten wie Umgang mit Software oder Programmierung, sondern die neuen digitalen Geschäfts- und Arbeitsprozesse erfordern verstärkt digitale und nicht-digitale Schlüsselfähigkeiten (digital future literacy). Dazu zählen u.a. Data Literacy, Kollaboration, [...]

Getting Started with Teaching Data Science in Schools (FutureLearn)

Sep 13th 2021
Getting Started with Teaching Data Science in Schools (FutureLearn)
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Learn the basics of data science and how to introduce data science in the classroom. Learn practical ways to teach data science. Understanding how to use and interpret data will be essential for the next generation, but many schools and teachers aren’t equipped to teach basic data science to [...]

Essentials of Data Literacy (edX)

Learn how to read, work with, and analyze data. Future-proof your career. In this course, you will practice analyzing, visualizing, and communicating with data, using real datasets and examples that are relevant to a variety of audiences and academic disciplines. Data is part of every field, but not everyone [...]