Frederick S. Southwick

Dr. Frederick Southwick is a Professor of Medicine and former Chief of Infectious Diseases at the University of Florida. From 2010-2011 Dr. Southwick attended the Harvard Business School as an Advanced Leadership Fellow, and studied how business practices could be applied to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. He also continues to practice and teach infectious diseases.He is an award winning teacher and the author of " Critically Ill: A 5-point Plan to Cure Healthcare Delivery".and most recently, April 2020, the 4th edition of Infectious Diseases: A clinical short course. Lange Series

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Fixing Healthcare Delivery 2.0: Advanced Lean (Coursera)

Lean or Toyota Production System (TPS) is responsible for revolutionizing the auto industry by creating highly reliable and safe cars and trucks. In this course healthcare providers, administrators, engineers, and healthcare professional students will be taught how to apply the principles and tools of Lean to health care. [...]
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COVID-19 - A clinical update (Coursera)

Oct 15th 2021
COVID-19 - A clinical update (Coursera)
Course Auditing
As an expert in infectious diseases, editor of the Journal of Infectious Diseases and author of the textbook Infectious Diseases: A clinical short course, McGraw-Hill April 2020, I have been concerned about the misinformation being shared about the COVID-19 epidemic. How did this disease develop? Where did it come [...]
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Fixing Healthcare Delivery (Coursera)

Isn’t it time to end the loss of life from preventable medical errors? Each year 100,000 patients die from preventable errors in the U.S. How can you help to change this intractable problem? Knowledge is power, and this course will provide you with a deep understanding of the [...]
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