Beth Christie

Beth Christie is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Outdoor Learning in the Outdoor and Environmental Education Section of the Moray House School of Education. She is Programme Director for the MSc Learning for Sustainability.
Beth holds over 15 years of research and teaching experience from the University of St. Andrews, Dundee and Edinburgh. She has gained professional experience teaching environmental education outdoors in Scotland and Africa, and working as a consultant and practitioner with organisations such as the Education Scotland, Field Studies Council, National Trust for Scotland, Forestry Commission, Groundworks, Natural England and the Scottish Countryside Ranger Service.
She is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, a reviewer for the Journal of Experiential Education and an active member of the European Institute of Adventure Education and Experiential Learning.
Academic Qualifications:
- BA(Hons) (University of Edinburgh, 1998)
- PhD (University of Edinburgh, 2004)
- PGCert Academic Practice (University of Edinburgh, 2012-ongoing)
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