May 16th 2016

Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy (Canvas net)

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This four-week intensive online course will help participants develop the skills and knowledge needed to evaluate websites, web content, and web applications for compliance with international web accessibility requirements. These requirements help ensure that people with disabilities are able to participate fully on the Web.

By the time you complete this course, you should be able to:

- Create an accessibility auditing toolkit.

- Identify and apply key accessibility guidelines in WCAG 2.0.

- Retrieve WCAG 2.0's supporting documents when needed.

- Employ Web-based automated accessibility checkers.

- Measure and/or assess Web design elements such as colour contrast, readability, and others using a range of publicly available test tools.

- Test for accessibility using assistive technologies such as the JAWS and ChromeVox screen readers.

- Apply easy manual tests to quickly assess accessibility.

- Select an appropriate type of Web accessibility audit and corresponding reporting strategy aimed at the audience being served.

- Recognize relevant accessibility guidelines, standards and specifications and integrate these into accessibility review strategies based on international requirements.