Aug 8th 2016

Online Business: Planning for Success (FutureLearn)

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Take your online business from ideation to implementation with one of four courses in the Online Business Success program.

This free online course focuses on the planning phase of starting a small online business and will introduce what you need to do for clarity and action.

Understand online business and e-commerce

With so many ways to operate online, it is important that you understand what your business is and where it fits in. We’ll take you through the categories, differences and operations of all forms of online business, to help you decide the best direction.

We will help you develop a business plan or business canvas to focus your thinking on the best opportunities for your online business. You will understand how to use primary and secondary research to identify your most valuable customer.

By the end of the course, you will be ready to:

- refine your idea;

- identify your positioning;

- develop your pitch;

- create a business plan;

- and prepare for implementation

Get expert online business advice

This course is one of four in the Online Business Success program from RMIT University. On every course, you will be guided by academics from the College of Business and the Business Enterprise Unit. Plus you’ll hear from successful online entrepreneurs about how they planned their online business.