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Mission Possible: Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy (Canvas net)

Data shows that nearly ninety percent of students who fail to graduate high school were struggling readers in third grade. A Comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy establishes intensive reading intervention for K-3 students who are at risk of reading failure to help ensure they read on grade level by the end of third grade. This course will provide participants with the tools and resources necessary to develop and implement a Comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy by taking a deep dive into why reading by the end of third grade is critical to student success, understanding supporting research, and exploring effective implementation practices.

Upon course completion, participants will:

- Understand the importance of reading by the end of third grade and its critical role in ensuring future student success.

- Understand the relevant research, fundamental principles of a Comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy, and the importance of successful implementation practice.

- Learn how to effectively communicate K-3 reading policy to stakeholders.

- Explore resources for drafting and implementing a Comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy.

Topics Covered Include:

- Why reading by the end of 3rd grade is critical

- The importance of having a Comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy

- Funding a K-3 Reading Policy

- Getting a K-3 Reading Policy Passed

- Key components of effective implementation and communication of a K-3 Reading Policy

- Advice and resources for policymakers and education leaders