Sep 23rd 2015

Market Segmentation at the Bottom of the Pyramid (NovoEd)

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This Short Course from +Acumen and Grameen Foundation will teach you about market segmentation, or how to divide your market into clusters that have relatively similar needs.

You've developed an innovation, program or service to help the poor. Now how do you assess whether you're really reaching your target market? Customers at the bottom of the pyramid are diverse. They span different ages, poverty levels and occupations and use products and services in different ways. The more you know about your target customers, the better you can develop strategies and offerings that meet their needs.

You'll learn about the Progress Out of Poverty Index; understand the nuts and bolts of market segmentation; complete a customer segmentation matrix; and start to build customer personas so that you can better identify who you're targeting and design products or programs with them in mind. We'll draw from case studies of companies who have used the Progress Out of Poverty Index to collect meaningful customer insights. After this course, you'll be better prepared to implement market segmentation and use survey tools that can yield important insights about your customers.

By the end of this course, you will:

- Understand how market segmentation can help you answer strategic business questions

- Learn more about your customers by segmenting your market

- Build a customer matrix and customer personas that help your organization strategically serve the bottom of the pyramid