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Jun 26th 2017

Ce MOOC a pour vocation de vous aider à créer votre entreprise à but social ou environnemental. Que vous envisagiez de créer une entreprise sociale ou de lancer un nouveau projet à visée sociale dans votre entreprise actuelle, que vous souhaitiez entreprendre à Paris, Casablanca ou à Abidjan, ce MOOC est pour vous !

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Jun 12th 2017

Nous souhaitons grâce à ce Mooc susciter des vocations d’entrepreneur social en : - Vous permettant de comprendre ce qu’est l’entrepreneuriat social - Vous faisant réfléchir aux besoins sociaux et environnementaux non satisfaits sur les territoires - Vous présentant les propositions de valeur et les modèles économiques des entreprises sociales - Vous montrant que c’est possible de se lancer, via des témoignages d’entrepreneurs sociaux qui l'ont fait.

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Jun 5th 2017

Qu’est-ce que l’impact investing ? Quelles entreprises l’impact investing a-t-il vocation à financer ? Qui sont les financeurs « à impact » ? Peut-on en dresser une typologie ? Quelles solutions de financement proposent-ils ? Quel sont les ingrédients d’un écosystème favorable à l’impact investing, au nord comme au sud ? Voici les questions auxquelles ce 1er MOOC de notre série « L’impact investing, la finance qui change le monde » cherche à apporter des réponses.

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Jun 5th 2017

Quelles sont les grandes innovations récentes et à venir en matière de financement des entreprises sociales, des entreprises qui veulent changer le monde ? Comment stimuler et accélérer l’innovation sociale, comment permettre et favoriser le changement d’échelle de l’impact investing qui reste encore très, trop marginal ?

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Jun 5th 2017

In Course 3 of this Specialization you will first of all learn about Social Impact Assessment. Hence you will be able to develop a method to evaluate the social mission that you achieve while implementing your business plan. Next you will outline an appropriate communication strategy for your social enterprise and will demonstrate how to market your products and services to beneficiaries and other customers. Here you will employ an adaptable communication strategy as you move from early adopters to a broader market share.

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Jun 5th 2017

Learn about the diverse world of social enterprise in this free online course from Middlesex University Business School. Can business do good? In this course, we explore different models of social enterprise and the local and global problems that they aim to address.

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May 3rd 2017

This course is based on practical experiences and proven concepts from the field. It is wrapped around a signature framework that explains - step by step - how the process from getting investment-ready via signing a financing contract to establishing good investor relations, avoiding mission drift and approaching the next financing will typically unfold in real life.

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Apr 17th 2017

Social Businesses are designed to improve society. In this course you will learn the main concepts to design a Social Business. This free online course focuses on the concept of Social Business and the main variables that we need to take into account when creating a Social Business.

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Apr 3rd 2017

Learn how to grow a sustainable social enterprise in this free online course from Middlesex University Business School. Is your social enterprise sustainable? Is it scalable? This course helps you evaluate your model and develop a plan to take it to the next level.

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Mar 6th 2017

Learn how to turn your social enterprise ideas into action in this free online course from Middlesex University Business School. How can you turn a social enterprise idea into action? In this course, you will identify the problem your idea is trying to solve, design your social enterprise venture model and prepare to take it to market.

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Feb 27th 2017

Find out how to avoid mission drift when transitioning a social enterprise or microfinance venture into a for-profit organisation. Many social enterprises are becoming more commercial, adopting the techniques, funding or governance more usually associated with for-profit ventures.

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Jan 10th 2017

You've come up with an amazing prototype for a new product or service that could benefit villagers in rural Kenya or slum dwellers in India. Now how do you figure out if there is a sustainable business model to get this innovation into the hands of your customers? This 5-week course from +Acumen & Santa Clara University's Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship will help you think through how you can create financial value while delivering products or services to the poor.

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Oct 25th 2016

Social sector leaders must connect their impact work with the right business model to achieve sustainability. With finite resources and limited staffing, organizations that are more focused on immediate needs rather than long-term sustainability can find developing the right business plan challenging. This course teaches nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs and social change leaders how to use financial modeling and creative approaches to market-based funding to scale the impact of their work. This course will be valuable for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and particularly useful for those in the early stages of development.

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May 14th 2015

Acumen and our course partner, Dr. Erik Simanis, will teach you how to think about and build a basic financial model from the ground up with this introductory course on financial modeling for start-up social enterprises.

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Feb 5th 2015

Learn how to create the “right” board for your venture. This course, developed by Acumen and Accion Venture Lab, is for social enterprises or non-profits that are in the early-stages of forming a board for their enterprises.

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Self Paced

Welcome to the first reading in our new series on “Readings that Matter”. This series is adapted from a set of readings that Acumen’s Fellows and staff discuss on a regular basis as part of our leadership training and development.

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