Feb 1st 2015

Linguistics 201 - The Structure of English (VLC)

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Linguistics 201 is intended to familiarize the participants with the main structural properties of PDE (Present-Day English) grammar. It starts with a review of linguistic approaches to grammar and then discusses the central grammatical aspects of PDE sentence structure: syntactic categories and syntactic functions. A unit on PDE orthography concludes the class. So it is the class for everyone who is involved in teaching or studying English in one way or another.

This course has been designed for teachers of English as a second language. It is meant to brush up their knowledge in various areas of English grammar rather than to introduce new concepts. Teachers will be enabled to use various aspects of English grammar in a more vivid way. Among others, the following aspects will be discussed:

- The English Sentence

- Basic Concepts in Syntax - Form

- Elements of Clause Structure

- The Verb in PDE

- Functional Aspects of the Verb - Tense

- The Noun Phrase in PDE

- Head Nouns

- Subjects and Objects in PDE

- The Adverbial

- The Orthography of PDE

Grading will be carried out on the basis of the Award Winning Inverted Classroom Mastery Model (see: