Nov 3rd 2015

Going Out on a Limb: Anatomy of the Upper Limb (edX)

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Take a tour through the inner-workings of the upper limb with Penn’s award winning Anatomy Professor, Dr. James S. White.

Anatomy lab isn’t just for first year medical students anymore. With this online anatomy course, anyone can learn about the upper limb, without the cadaver.

This course will serve as your introduction to the anatomy of the upper limb. We’ll start with basic human anatomical terminology and apply that knowledge to examining the bones of the upper limb and how they articulate at joints. You will also learn about the muscles that produce movement at those joints in addition to the innervation and blood supply of the upper limb.

What you'll learn:

- Anatomical terminology

- Bones and muscles of the upper limb

- Actions of each upper limb muscle

- Innervation and blood supply of the upper limb