Oct 26th 2015

Take Your Medicine: How to Be a Savvy Consumer (edX)

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Discover how to become a savvy healthcare consumer.

Medicines have eradicated or eased the symptoms of many diseases. This course explores the process, challenges and issues facing consumers when it comes to pharmaceutical products. An overview of drug development and approval with a focus on consumer issues will be presented and discussed in the context of regulations, public welfare, and healthcare providers.

Participants from all backgrounds and interest, including scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and the general public, are encouraged to participate.

What you'll learn:

- Understand why drugs cost so much

- Know the difference between brand and generic drug products

- Discuss the issues related to counterfeit and generic drugs

- Understand the issues and considerations of manufacturing pharmaceuticals

- Discuss the role of the FDA in regulations and product approvals

- Learn how to talk effectively with healthcare professionals and have a greater understanding when reading news stories

- Recognize the role of personalized medicine in future therapies

- Learn about the potential and impact of personalized medicine