May 25th 2016

Electronic Materials and Devices (edX)

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Learn how electronic devices, such as diodes and transistors, are designed to exploit the electrical properties of materials. In this engineering course, you will learn about diodes, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs and semiconductor properties.

This course is part 1 of a series that explain the basis of the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials including semiconductors, metals, organics, and insulators. You will learn how devices are built to take advantage of these properties. This is illustrated with a wide range of devices, placing a strong emphasis on new and emerging technologies.

Part 2 - Optical Materials and Devices

Part 3 - Magnetic Materials and Devices

What you'll learn:

- The origins of semiconductor properties

- Carrier action in semiconductors: drift, diffusion, recombination and generation

- The behavior of p-n junctions at equilibrium and under bias

- The derivation and application of the ideal diode equation, and how real diodes differ from ideal diodes

- Operating principles of bipolar junction transistors and MOSFETs