Caroline Ross




Prof. Ross studies the magnetic properties of thin films and nanostructures for data storage and logic applications, and methods for creating nanoscale structures based on directed self-assembly and lithography. Her current research includes the synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanostructures for domain wall logic devices, magnetic oxides including perovskites, iron garnets, and self-assembled multiferroic oxide nanocomposites, magnetoelasticity, and magnetooptical materials for integrated optical isolators. Prof. Ross also studies the self-assembly of block copolymers and develops methods for templating self-assembly in order to form well-organized structures useful in nanoscale devices.

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Aug 16th 2017

Learn how magnetic devices, such as hard drives and magneto-optical disks, are designed to exploit the magnetic properties of materials. In this engineering course, you will learn about magnetic materials and devices. Applications presented include magnetic data storage, motors, transformers, and spintronics.

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Jul 5th 2017

Learn about the optical properties of materials, including how LEDs, lasers, and solar cell devices are designed. In this engineering course, you will learn about photodetectors, solar cells (photovoltaics), displays, light emitting diodes, lasers, optical fibers, optical communications, and photonic devices.

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May 31st 2017

Learn how electronic devices, such as diodes and transistors, are designed to exploit the electrical properties of materials. In this engineering course, you will learn about diodes, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs and semiconductor properties.

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Apr 8th 2015

In this course we will explore the electrical, optical, and magnetic properties of materials and learn how electronic devices are designed to exploit these properties.

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