May 19th 2014

Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools (

This free five-module online introductory course gives you the essential concepts, techniques, and skills to effectively work with data and produce compelling data stories under tight deadlines.

Our media environment is increasingly saturated with data—from large collections of leaked documents published by Wikileaks, to public databases about lobbying or government spending, to “big data” from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

As a result, many media organisations are seeking data-savvy journalists to help them process this information: to understand what is in it, to identify what is important and to provide insights to readers in a compelling way.

Comprised of video lectures, tutorials, assignments, readings, and discussion forums, this course is open to anyone in the world with an Internet connection who wants to tell stories with data.


1. Data journalism in the newsroom - Instructor: Simon Rogers

2. Finding data to support stories - Instructor: Paul Bradshaw

3. Finding story ideas with data analysis - Instructor: Steve Doig

4. Dealing with messy data - Instructor: Nicolas Kayser-Bril

5. Telling stories with visualization - Instructor: Alberto Cairo

Course Intro Video:

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