Nov 2nd 2015

Design 1o1 Redux - Part 1: Myself (iversity)

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Hop on to this fantastic voyage through time and space! Learn by doing and transform yourself and your everyday life into 30 projects.

Are you ready?

The Design 1o1 saga is finally back with its special “redux” edition!

“Design 1o1 Redux” is an introduction to design through 101 exercises. A six-month journey divided into 3 courses “online” here on iversity (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), one final exhibition / graduation party and an “offline” workshop for which we will go one step beyond.

In short:

Part 1: “Myself” (Nov 2 to Dec 27)

Part 2: “My House” (Jan 04 to Feb 28)

Part 3: “My World” (Mar 29 to Apr 24)

Exhibition / Graduation: In Croatia (Apr 23-24)

Winter camp: In Croatia (Apr 25 to May 1)

Ready for take off?

Here go with the first part of the course: “Myself”.

Design 1o1 Redux Part 1: Myself

Starting from our very own selves, we will collectively observe, translate and communicate many things, in a series of different ways and projects.

As Pythagoras once said, “Man is the measure of all things”. It is the main reason we focus on “ourselves” in this first part of Design 1o1 Redux.

To do so, we will work with all kinds of cool apps for phones and tablets (do you have a smartphone or tablet?). We will also share our works with the others on Instagram, using special hashtags.

Indeed, we will explore a new way to learn a new design.