Jan 12th 2016

BIOC372.2x: Fundamentals of Immunology, Part 2 (edX)

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Explore the immune system, including cellular immunity, NK and T cells, MHC functions, signaling and inflammation.

The immune system plays a fascinating and vital role in the human body, recognizing outside threats and protecting our bodies against disease. This introductory immunology courses will help you understand the interactions of the immune system, and the jargon scientists use to describe immune function.

This is the second of a two-part course. In the first part we learned about innate immunity and B cell function. This second part covers T cell function and coordination of the immune response.

This immunology course surveys the cells of the immune system and describes how they talk to each other, receive information from the rest of the body and coordinate your defenses.

By presenting complex concepts in innovative, easy-to-understand ways, this course provides a solid introduction to how our immune system keeps us healthy.

What you'll learn:

- Functions of Th, Tc, gamma-delta T cells and NK cells

- How these respond to antigens and other danger signals

- How these cells signal to each other and to the body

- The basic terminology of the discipline

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