Jan 29th 2016

The Art of Structural Engineering: Bridges (edX)

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Learn about bridge design and discover how structural engineering is a creative discipline and art form.

In this engineering course you will learn how to analyze bridges from three perspectives:

Efficiency = calculations of forces/stresses

Economy = evaluation of societal context and cost

Elegance = form/appearance based on engineering principles, not decoration

With a focus on some significant bridges built since the industrial revolution, the course illustrates how engineering is a creative discipline and can become art. We also show the influence of the economic and social context in bridge design and the interplay between forces and form.

This is the first of three courses on the Art of Structural Engineering, each of which are independent of each other. The two other courses will be on tall buildings/towers and vaults.

No certificates, statements of accomplishment, or other credentials will be awarded in connection with this course.

What you'll learn:

- How to solve for the efficiency of structures using the appropriate formulas

- How to evaluate a structure within the measures of structural art

- How economic, social and culture influences structural design

- How to analyze bridge forms: suspension, beams, pre-stressed, arch, cable-stayed, tied-arch