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Cellular Polymers: Structure, Properties, Processing, Applications (edX)

Take our MOOC and dive deep into Cellular Polymers. Understand what makes them superior to other materials, how they are processed and why they are used in countless applications in our everyday life. This MOOC is your first step in the pioneering field of Cellular Polymers that connects chemistry, [...]

Conscious Grocery Shopping: Sustainability, Nutrition, Health and Law (edX)

Would you consider yourself a conscious decider when it comes to food grocery shopping? Do you really buy healthy and sustainably? Enroll in this course for a journey through the grocery store with multidisciplinary scientific insights that will empower you to make better food choices. Our professors will give [...]

Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation (edX)

Take our MOOC to expand your knowledge about biomaterials, biomedical engineering, additive manufacturing, tissue engineering and to obtain insights on the future of biofabrication. This MOOC will benefit individuals working in the biomedical sector to discover emerging trends and achieve their next career [...]

Value Co-Creation in Sport Management – A New Logic in a Changing Society (edX)

Do you want to become a successful sport management expert? Learn the importance of value co-creation and gather new insights that will make you more competitive in the field of sport management. Are you a passionate sports lover interested in exploring a new innovative logic in sport management? Enroll [...]

Immigration and Labour Markets in Economic History (edX)

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Immigration and Labour Markets in Economic History (edX)
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Do immigrants lower the wages of low-skilled workers? How quickly do immigrants integrate into the labour market and what policies foster integration? Explore these questions from the perspective of economic history, using empirical evidence and data analysis. This course may serve you to enhance your career options in the [...]