Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Equipment: A Practical Approach to Healthcare Technology Management (edX)

Feb 15th 2024
Biomedical Equipment: A Practical Approach to Healthcare Technology Management (edX)
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Enhance your knowledge and skills in effective methods of managing the lifespan of biomedical equipment in a limited-resource environment. With limited resources increasingly prevalent, healthcare technology management is often a challenge. Through this course we offer a practical approach to healthcare management that is tailored to this particular healthcare [...]

Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation (edX)

Take our MOOC to expand your knowledge about biomaterials, biomedical engineering, additive manufacturing, tissue engineering and to obtain insights on the future of biofabrication. This MOOC will benefit individuals working in the biomedical sector to discover emerging trends and achieve their next career [...]

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (Coursera)

The course is aimed at university-level students of all engineering backgrounds, who would like to learn the basics of modern biomedical engineering, including the development of human-robotic interfaces and systems such as bionic prosthetics.

The Development of Mobile Health Monitoring Systems (Coursera)

This join course created by SPSU and ETU includes 5 modules dedicated to different stages of the system development. Its modules represent several widely separated fields of biomedical engineering. We interconnect them by applying the knowledge from them all to a common task – the development of a [...]

So You Want to Become a Biomedical Engineer (edX)

Learn about biomedical engineering from top names in the field and how to plot your own educational and career path. Want to become a biomedical engineer but not sure where to focus or how to get there? This engineering course will give you an overview of this wildly popular [...]