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Biomedical Equipment: Repairing and Maintaining Biomedical Devices (edX)

Understand the working of biomedical devices that are frequently used in a hospital setting. Develop the skills required to effectively maintain and troubleshoot hospital-based devices to increase their availability and usage in hospitals

Essentials of Genomics and Biomedical Informatics (edX)

This course presents clinicians and digital health enthusiasts with an overview of the data revolution in medicine and how to exploit it for research and in the clinic. The course will not make you a bioinformatician but will introduce the main concepts, tools, algorithms, and databases in this [...]

Biostatistics for Big Data Applications (edX)

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Biostatistics for Big Data Applications (edX)
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Learn data analysis basics for working with biomedical big data with practical hands-on examples using R. This course provides a broad foundation of statistical terms and concepts as well as an introduction to the R statistical software package. The topics covered are fundamental components of biostatistical methods used in [...]