Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

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Setting Clear Expectations (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Setting Clear Expectations. This course will explore how to follow the practice shared by the world’s best team leaders - frequent 1:1s. We'll take a look at how to provide clarity to your team about their roles, and then explore how you as a [...]

Establishing Team Purpose (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Establishing Team Purpose. This course will help you craft your story and learn how to get even better at telling stories about purpose that will have a profound impact on your team. Then, we’re going to talk about rituals for keeping your team connected. [...]

Valuing Excellence (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Valuing Excellence! In this course we’ll discuss how team culture and environment make a big difference to individual and organizational success; help you define success for and with your team; and explore how you can create the conditions that make your team feel comfortable [...]

Putting Strengths to Work (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Putting Strengths to Work! This course will explore and deepen your capacity to identify and communicate where your team members do their best work. We will look at how being aware of and drawing attention to strengths -- more than weaknesses -- will [...]

Building Confidence in the Future (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Building Confidence in the Future. This course will help you build your own specific vision to share with your team. We’ll define what is it that makes your company so special. And we’ll explore the value you, your team, and your company provide to [...]

Growing Team Members (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Growing Team Members! This course explores how to get more skilled at inviting, allowing, and supporting team members to stretch beyond their current responsibilities. By the end of the course, you will be able to guide your team members to step out of their [...]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Coursera)

In collaboration with the HRO DE&I Training Workstream, Enterprise Learning and Corporate Training/Leadership Development, three training modules were developed. These modules are designed to provide Clients with a DE&I foundation and tools to create and maintain an inclusive workplace.

Playing to Your Strengths by StandOut (Coursera)

Playing to Your Strengths is designed for any professional individual striving to be more productive and more focused today than they were yesterday and those who want to make their greatest contributions at work and in life by embracing a strengths-based mindset. Based on the six-part film series Trombone [...]

ADP Accountant Connect Certification (Coursera)

The Accountant Connect Certification Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to become proficient in the use and application of Accountant Connect. Co-developed with Rootworks – the accounting profession’s premier firm improvement organization – and presented by its founder Darren Root, CPA, Accountant [...]