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Mar 27th 2017

What is the purpose of government? Why should we have a State? What kind of State should we have? Even within a political community, there may be sharp disagreements about the role and purpose of government. Some want an active, involved government, seeing legal and political institutions as the means to solve our most pressing problems, and to help bring about peace, equality, justice, happiness, and to protect individual liberty. Others want a more minimal government, motivated, perhaps, by some of the disastrous political experiments of the 20th Century, and the thought that political power is often just a step away from tyranny. In many cases, these disagreements arise out of deep philosophical disagreements.

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Mar 6th 2017

El MOOC “Triunfa con SEP: El modelo para mejorar la salud, los negocios y la vida” está diseñado bajo el mismo principio que los programas presenciales de Universitas Telefónica, que el estudiante experimente un viaje transformador que constituya un cambio de dirección a nivel personal.

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