Media Theory

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История и теория медиа (History and theory of media) (Coursera)

Знакомит с теоретическим наследием в области медиа, обучает основным подходам к теоретическому анализу медиа и прослеживает логику развития медиасистем в современных обществах.
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Theories of Media and Technology (edX)

Learn to apply media theory and practical, conceptual frameworks to design and digital media projects. Students in this course will build critical, applicable knowledge and understanding of the pervasive impact of media and technology on culture. You will learn influential concepts of media and technology, and be able to [...]
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Gender and Celebrity Culture: Global Media, Everyday Lives (FutureLearn)

Apr 30th 2018
Gender and Celebrity Culture: Global Media, Everyday Lives (FutureLearn)
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How do celebrities affect our identity? Find out with an introduction to intersectional studies of gender and celebrity. What makes a celebrity? Why are celebrities significant? How do celebrities connect to our construction of ourselves as gendered beings? Is ‘celebrity feminism’ good for gender equality? These are just some [...]
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