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E.g., 2017-08-11
E.g., 2017-08-11
Aug 7th 2017

Transform or disappear, the Darwinism of IT: In order to adapt to a digital world, a two-speed IT is needed. Despite the importance of IT in today’s digital world, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) often struggle to get their voices heard by executive committees. Faced with this challenge, IT departments are being forced to reinvent themselves to adapt their companies to the fast paced evolution of technology. The Boston Consulting Group has developed a business approach that allows IT to shed off its appearance of a heavy cost center and to adopt a new, more realistic persona as a quality service provider, partnering with users and the management.

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Feb 20th 2017

Les lycéennes et lycéens de toutes sections commencent à apprendre de l'informatique pour ne plus être de simples consommateurs mais devenir créateur du numérique : c’est l’enseignement de l'option "Informatique et Création Numérique, I.C.N.", de la seconde à la terminale pour toutes les sections.

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Brief introduction to the web. Does the world of the web interest you, but you don't quite know where to start? This course will bring you up to speed! No previous knowledge required. You'll discover the history of the web, different programming languages and frameworks, and what role developers play in the whole game! You'll be able to better understand the world of web development, and you'll be able to get yourself started on that career path if you like.

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