Expressway to Data Science: R Programming and Tidyverse Specialization

R is one of the most popular languages used in the data science community and essential for any aspiring data scientist. This specialization will teach you how to do data science in R whether you are a beginning or a seasoned programmer.
You will begin this three-course specialization by reviewing the fundamentals of programming in R and the importance of creating reproducible research. Then, you will be introduced to the tidyverse where you will learn how to use R to import and tidy data, use the ggplot2 library to craft clear and insightful visualizations, and combine data from multiple sources.
By completing this specialization, you will be prepared to begin or advance your data science journey using R. It is a prerequisite for students pursuing CU Boulder’s Master of Science in Data Science.

What You Will Learn:
- Install R and configure RStudio
- Use the tidyverse to import, tidy, and join data
- Create clear and effective data visualizations using the ggplot2 library
- Develop and communicate reproducible research using RMarkdown

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