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Introduction to Mathematical Methods for University-Level Science (FutureLearn)

Aug 2nd 2021
Introduction to Mathematical Methods for University-Level Science (FutureLearn)
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Prepare to study science subjects at degree level with this introduction to essential mathematical methods and skills. Prepare for university by improving your mathematical skills Mathematical methods are fundamental to the study of science subjects at university level. This course from the University of Nottingham will help you to [...]

A-Level Further Mathematics for Year 12 - Course 2: 3 x 3 Matrices, Mathematical Induction, Calculus Methods and Applications, Maclaurin Series, Complex Numbers and Polar Coordinates (edX)

Develop your thinking skills, fluency and confidence in A-level further maths and prepare for undergraduate STEM degrees. This course by Imperial College London is designed to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your A-level further maths exams. You will investigate key topic areas to gain [...]

Marketing Essentials (edX)

Identify, understand and learn the basics of marketing management theories with real-world business scenarios. This business and management course will bridge the gap between information and real world experience. In this introductory marketing course, you will learn the theories of marketing through practice (examples and illustrations). This course will [...]

Marketing Management (edX)

Learn how to effectively apply marketing management theories and practices, including the marketing mix, through real-world business scenarios. According to world-renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker, "Marketing is the only distinguishing and unique function of business…There is only one valid definition of business purpose and that is to create a [...]