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Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) (Coursera)

May 27th 2024
Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) (Coursera)
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Digital Forensics Essentials helps learners increase their competency and expertise in digital forensics and information security skills, thereby adding value to their workplace and employer. This course will introduce learners to Computer Forensics Fundamentals as well as the Computer Forensics Investigation Process. Plan to learn about Dark Web, Windows, [...]

Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) (edX)

Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) is a first-of-its-kind MOOC certification that offers foundational knowledge and skills on digital forensics with add-on labs for hands-on experience. The rapid evolution of computers has brought technical devices as an active weapon to criminals. Cybercriminals have enjoyed the pleasure of being able to combine [...]