Creating a Differential Competitive Advantage -Jagdish Sheth Specialization

Master Strategies to Market Competitively. Dsitinguish Your Brand Using Segmentation, Differentiation, and Technology
This is a master class in gaining a competitive marketing advantage.
Professor Jagdish Sheth, 2020 Padma Bhushan Award winner for Literature and Education, guides you through proven strategies and practical steps for implementing technology, segmentation, differentiation, and positioning into your marketing plan.
Professor Sheth shares wisdom and insight from decades of experience, years of research, and recommendations from multiple senior industry leaders to help grow your brand and set your business apart from the competition.

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How Technology Will Shape Marketing with Jagdish Sheth (Coursera)

This course explains how digital technology is transforming marketing. It focuses on how technology will enable salespeople from selling products to becoming trusted advisors for customers, especially in financial and health services. Technology will also impact all 4 P’s of Marketing from product, promotion, price, and distribution, especially with [...]

Branding for Differential Advantage with Jagdish Sheth (Coursera)

This course suggests how branding creates value for the product through standardization and quality assurance. Branding can also differentiate your product or offering compared to competitors. In marketing, it is the ultimate differential advantage. Branding also creates a value independent of the product or service you’re offering. It is [...]

Creating Global Brands with Jagdish Sheth (Coursera)

It is becoming increasingly important to expand into foreign markets in order to achieve significant growth. This requires creating global brands such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. Global brands need to transcend cultural differences as well as compliance across countries with respect to logo, color, and other [...]

Segmenting the Market with Jagdish Sheth (Coursera)

This course is all about how to segment the market to take advantage of market heterogeneity. The course will review different bases for market segmentation including demographics, psychographics, and lifestyles. We will also review segmentation by product and price.