Chemical Engineering

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Mastering bitumen for better roads and innovative applications (Coursera)

During the four coming weeks, best experts in bitumen will bring you their knowledge and experience to build a strong understanding of today’s realities and new perspectives on the future of bitumen. Total is the European leader on bitumen markets. Innovation has always been the key to sustainability and [...]
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Analysis of Transport Phenomena II: Applications (edX)

Apr 1st 2021
Analysis of Transport Phenomena II: Applications (edX)
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Mathematical modeling of fluid dynamics, convection, conduction, and phase transformations. In this course, you will learn to apply mathematical methods for partial differential equations to model transport phenomena in chemical engineering. Applications include fluid flow, waves, hydrodynamic instabilities, convection, coupled heat and mass transfer, phase transformations and electrochemical [...]
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Chemical Engineering: Review of Enabling Sciences through Problem Solving (Canvas net)

By introducing problems that chemical engineers are asked to solve and exploring the reasons why the enabling sciences are required to solve them, participants will gain a better understanding of the underlying disciplines supporting the work in chemical engineering.
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