Transport Phenomena

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Physico/Chemical Processes of Environmental Engineering (edX)

Aug 22nd 2022
Physico/Chemical Processes of Environmental Engineering (edX)
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Students will learn fundamental principles of physico/chemical processes that are commonly used by Environmental Engineers. Emphasis will be on fundamental concepts, so as to prompt their application in a wide range of settings, and to promote creativity.

Advanced Transport Phenomena (edX)

Learn how to tackle complex mass and heat transfer problems and apply the results in your own environment. How can you reduce the energy loss of your home? What is the underlying science of energy loss in pipes? Which heat and mass transfer problems do we have to tackle [...]

The Basics of Transport Phenomena (edX)

Learn the basic framework to work on a broad spectrum of engineering problems concerning transfer of heat, mass and momentum. Learn through examples of everyday processes at home, in the lab and in industry. Have you ever wondered why ventilation helps to cool down your hot chocolate? Do you [...]