Rahul Koranne

Rahul Koranne, MD, MBA, FACP serves as the Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer of the Minnesota Hospital Association, representing 143 hospitals and health systems in MN working to improve the health of communities across the state by serving health systems throughout MN. Dr. Koranne trained in internal medicine and holds a fellowship in Geriatrics from U of MN. Rahul graduated as a Carlson Scholar from the Executive MBA program at U of MN in 2008 and has been involved with the U through MILI since then.
Rahul's interests are transformation of the healthcare delivery system especially the community based services in order to preserve and improve the health of a population. Rahul is very involved with the Office for Community Engagement for Health at the U of MN CTSI and with many committees at the MN DHS.
Rahul serves on the Board of Directors of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation in St. Paul and the Chair of the UMN Healthcare Collaborative at the Office of Community Engagement for Health. Rahul currently teaches the MILI 6992 course each fall along with lecturing as a guest speaker on other courses.

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