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Professor Hau Kit-tai is Professor of Educational Psychology and Chairman of University Extension Board and three Senate Committees (Committee on Teaching and Learning, Committee on General Education, Committee on Language Enhancement) at CUHK. Joining CUHK in 1988, he had been the Chairman of the Department of Educational Psychology for 13 years and is currently the President of the Educational Psychology Division, International Association of Applied Psychology. He received his BSc and MA degrees from CUHK and pursued further studies at the University of Hong Kong where he received his PhD (psychology) degree.

Professor Hau is also a member of various university committees, including the University Academic Personnel Committee and Board of Trustees of Shaw College. He was former Dean of Students of Shaw College.

Professor Hau's research interest includes motivation, self-concept and quantitative methods and he has published extensively in major international academic journals. He also spares no effort in enhancing education in Hong Kong by actively serving on various government and community advisory boards in curriculum and youth development. Over the last 15 years, he has conducted over 100 national advanced applied statistics workshops in mainland China to promote empirical research in social sciences and education.

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Jul 1st 2014

在社会学、心理学、教育学、经济学、管理学、市场学等研究领域的数据分析中,结构方程建模是当前最前沿的统计方法中应用最广、研究最多的一个。它包含了方差分析、回归分析、路径分析和因子分析,弥补了传统回归分析和因子分析的不足,可以分析多因多果的联系、潜变量的关系,还可以处理多水平数据和纵向数据,是非常重要的多元数据分析工具。本课程系统地介绍结构方程模型和LISREL软件的应用,内容包括:结构方程分析(包括验证性因子分析)的基本概念、统计原理、在社会科学研究中的应用、常用模型及其LISREL程序、结果的解释和模型评价。学员应具备基本的统计知识(如:标准差、t-检验、相关系数),理解回归分析和因子分析的概念。 注:本课程配套教材为《结构方程模型及其应用》(以LISREL软件为例)。

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