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My current focus: serving as lead faculty for new geodesign courses to be offered online through Penn State's World Campus. To move this forward, for Fall 2012-Spring 2013 I was located at Esri working on prototypes for a virtual studio environment. I spoke about this research at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, July 2013; the Geodesign Europe and China Conferences, in September and October 2013, the ASLA Annual meeting in Boston, Nov. 2013 and the Geodesign Summit in CA in January 2014. Keep tabs at:

My book: "Becoming a Landscape Architect - A Guide to Careers in Design," won a PA-DE ASLA Excellence Award. Audiences for the book include college-bound students and those interested in a career change, high school guidance counselors and career centers. Practicing professionals can also use it for client or public awareness, for visitors to the office curious about the profession, to donate copies to local schools and libraries, and for use during school career fairs.

My research in past 20+ years is characterized by outreach that is interdisciplinary and forward-thinking, from addressing issues of community character preservation and design/ planning and to the employment of new media technology. I have organized and lead large, multi-disciplinary research teams that developed and refined processes for the appropriate use of technology to educate and empower communities that wish to guide their futures in a sustainable manner.

Specialties: Geodesign, advocate for the profession of landscape architecture, creation of multimedia design guidelines and policies, Community design and planning

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What happens when creativity and science come together? The power to design our world is unleashed, providing tools to inform choices about how we live! Geodesign is the glue—it’s a process that deploys creativity to connect information to people, using collaboration to better inform how we design our world.

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