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I am Jeroen Keiren. I am assistant professor (universitair docent) in computer science at the faculty of Management, Science & Technology at the Open University. I work at location Nijmegen, as a visiting researcher in the Digital Security group at the premises of the Radboud University. My research interests are formal methods and software engineering. In general I am interested in techniques that help us develop better and safer software.

Previously, I was a post doctoral researcher in the theoretical computer science group at the VU University Amsterdam and visiting lecturer of System Validation at TU Delft. I obtained my PhD in the Formal System Analysis group at Eindhoven University of Technology on a dissertation titled Advanced Reduction Techniques for Model Checking.

I like teaching others about software engineering and software verification techniques. Currently I am involved in teaching courses on operating systems, communication technology, formal languages & automata, functional programming and the fundamentals of computer systems. I have also been teaching system validation at TU Delft, and automata theory and complexity at the VU.

In my free time I like ballroom dancing, in which I participate in national and international competitions.

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Sep 12th 2016

Anyone who has ever designed an embedded system or a communication protocol involving several components executing simultaneously knows that such software is inherently susceptible to bugs. Typical problems include race conditions, deadlocks, and unexpected interplay between different components. The parallel nature of these systems makes it notoriously hard to detect such bugs using testing (timing, e.g., plays a crucial role). This course is designed to provide an introduction to the problems that arise in the design of such systems. It provides ways to model such systems and reason about them.

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