Dae Ryun Chang

Dae Ryun Chang is Professor of Marketing at Yonsei School of Business. He received his Doctorate from Harvard University, his MBA from Columbia University, and his BCom from the University of British Columbia. He has held visiting faculty appointments at Helsinki School of Economics, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Australian National University, Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technology University. His research interests lie in integrated brand management, innovation in B2B marketing and corporate social responsibility. His research includes publications in Management Science, Journal of Marketing, and the Journal of Product Innovation Management. His latest book is Mastering Noon Nopi: the Art & Science of Marketing in Asia (Yonsei University Press). He is a contributing blogger at Harvard Business Review Online where he opines about marketing, branding, entertainment, sports, and Asian business-related issues. He is pursuing a new passion as an independent filmmaker and has written and directed two short films, "I, Profess" (2013) and "Call Coho" (2015).

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International B2B (Business to Business) Marketing (Coursera)

This course offers a unique perspective into the differentiating aspects of business to business (B2B) marketing that can be contrasted to traditional business to consumer (B2C) marketing that is the subject of most other marketing curricula. Moreover, as one of the courses in the Specialization: International Marketing & Cross [...]
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International Marketing Entry and Execution (Coursera)

This will be part 2 of a two-series foundation courses for the Specialization: International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth. This course will dive in more deeply into consumer science investigation, B2C marketing, International Marketing Entry, Targeting, Positioning, International Product, International Promotion, International Place and International Price. The last set [...]
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Intro to International Marketing (Coursera)

This course brings together two key subjects, International Marketing and Cross Industry Innovation. It will provide the basic foundations of international marketing and then explain how companies can grow by going abroad or sourcing ideas/expanding into other countries or industries. This is summarized as CCCI: Cross-Country and Cross-Industry Innovation, [...]
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International Entertainment and Sports Marketing (Coursera)

This course will provide learners with a fundamental understanding of the characteristics and marketing strategies related to two key global industries, sports and entertainment. The growth in both industries have been fueled by their ability to innovate via CCCI, i.e. cross-country and cross-industry expansion. There will be a graded [...]
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Marketing Internacional en Asia (Coursera)

Este curso ha sido desarrollado especialmente para gerentes y estudiantes que desean tener éxito como especialistas de marketing en la región asiática. Asia ha experimentado la mayor cantidad de crecimiento en la economía global en los últimos años. Aunque muchas compañías de otras regiones se han beneficiado de entrar [...]
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