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E.g., 2017-04-12
E.g., 2017-04-12
Apr 24th 2017

Discover business in Asia from the perspectives of culture, leadership, management and personal relationships. This subject will give you some beginning ideas on how to understand and negotiate business in Asia. The emphasis is on the social and cultural aspects of business, such as leadership, management and personal relationships. We focus on China, Japan, Korea and some countries in South East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Sep 13th 2016

Introducing strategies for developing your spoken English communication skills in the context of doing business in Asia.

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Jul 26th 2016

Learn about built environments in Asia and how we can better conserve and sustain vernacular architecture in the future.

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Apr 14th 2015

Join us in the Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia and learn key concepts to better understand your own local built environment.

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