Oct 14th 2016

User Experience (UX) Design: Human Factors and Culture in Design (edX)

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Learn user experience and user interface design-key skills to succeed as a product manager, developer and designer. The most successful products and services offer rich and colorful user experiences that take into account social and cultural patterns.

Learn how to create excellent user experience (UX) designs which are user-centered and consider factors such as consumer demand, ability and cultural background.

Understanding UX design, or how to design with the user in mind, is not only a requirement for designers, but also a skill product managers and developers should develop throughout their careers. This UX/UI course should help product developers, managers and marketers as well as designers develop unique critical, analytical perspectives in user experience and user interface.Theoretical knowledge of the human factor is at the heart of user-centered design and evaluation. This course will focus around this theme, starting with specific design cases and gradually diving deeper into the newest research findings, taking learners from the simplest to the most complicated studies of user analysis, task analysis, user interface design, cross-cultural design, user experience design, robot and human interaction design, the newest health care and human factor research projects, and more.

What you'll learn:

- Concepts of User-Centered Design from a cultural perspective

- Scientific methods behind design and evaluation of everyday design cases

- How to apply knowledge, culture and technology to shape the future of design

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