Pei-Luen Patrick Rau




P.L. Patrick Rau is the Professor of Industrial Engineering Department at Tsinghua University in Beijing, PhD supervisor, and the Director of Human Factors and Ergonomics Institute. He participated in compiling Handbook of Standards and Guidelines in Ergonomics and Human Factors and Handbook of Human Factors in Web Design. Now he is the associate editor of Safety Science, and the editorial board of International Journal of Mobile Communication, Human Factors, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Universal Access and Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science. He is also chair of China board and program board of HCI International 2007.

Research themes:

Human Factors Engineering, Human-computer interaction, cross-cultural design, Design for Elderly, User experience, Mobile Interaction, Game Study, Human-Robot Interaction, Customer Experience Management,Design and evaluation of Service

Honors & Awards:

1. Excellent course: Ergonomics and Work Organization, Tsinghua University. (2010)

2. Excellent course: Human Factors Engineering, Beijing. (2009)

3. Presidents Medal, Ergonomics Society, UK. (2008)

4. Award for New Academics, Tsinghua University. (2008)

5. Excellent course: Ergonomics and Work Organization, Tsinghua University. (2007)

6. Excellent teaching achievement award, Tsinghua University. (2006)

7. Excellent course: Human Factors Engineering, Tsinghua University. (2006)

8. Outstanding young teacher award, Tsinghua University. (2005)

9. Advance individual award, Tsinghua University. (2004)

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Oct 10th 2014

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