Nov 17th 2015

Trends in e-Psychology (edX)

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Learn about e-based promotion of physical, mental and social health, focusing on e-cigarettes, e-mental health applications and e-mediation as case-examples.

This course explores a variety of electronic applications used in the promotion of healthy behavior, focusing on cases relating to physical health (electronic cigarettes), mental health (apps and wearables), and social health (e-mediation). In each of these areas, experts will share cutting-edge scientific knowledge and demonstrate some of the latest e-applications to boost healthy behavior. The course consists of 4 modules:

1. e-Cigarette: Promoting physical health. In this module, you will learn about the potential implications of e-cigarettes as a Tobacco Harm Reduction Strategy. You will gain contemporary scientific knowledge about the safety, efficacy, and potential health threats of using e-cigarettes.

2. e-Mental Health: Promoting mental health. In this module, you will learn about innovations in online, mobile and wearable tools used in mental healthcare (a rapidly expanding field), as well as their potential advantages and disadvantages.

3. e-Mediation: Promoting social health. In this module, you will learn about the core principles of mediation, and how you can use electronic communication to prevent escalation and promote conflict resolution during the mediation process.

4. FAQ and Further Discussion. In this module, our experts address the questions that were most frequently asked by you and your ‘fellow-travelers’ during this MOOC.

This MOOC consists of knowledge clips, demonstration movies, exercises, discussion, and homework (reading) assignments

What you'll learn:

After the course, you will be able to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of various e-based health-promotion innovations, and effectively use some of these e-channels to promote healthy behavior.