Road to the Free Digital Society (Eliademy)

Road to the Free Digital Society (Eliademy)
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Road to the Free Digital Society (Eliademy)
This course is lead by the famous free software activist - Richard Stallman, founder of GNU and inventor of GPL. We will cover different topics of the hard way to the Free Digital Society. Our subjects are: Human rights in computing, Threats to the Free Digital Society, Software licenses and patents, Licenses to the Works of Authorship.

Our world is full of exciting opportunities delivered to us by the information technologies. We live in a digital age. As an example, our parents in 80s were shocked by live TV broadcasts from one continent to another. Today anybody can do the same (it's called live streaming) using his or her smartphone. It made citizen journalism possible. You can order the book or article in several clicks and it will be instantly delivered to your e-book reader, mobile phone and soon to the cars and refrigerators.

However, this digital ocean is full of dangers which most of us are not aware of. What are the software licenses? What "works of authorship" mean and which licenses can be applied to them? What is the proper balance between our security and privacy? Should the understanding of human rights itself change because of the new technologies?

This course is focused on these questions. It is made with cooperation of Richard Matthew Stallman who is the founder of Free Software Foundation. He is the most famous expert in the field of digital freedom. Dr. Stallman is not only a theorist but also a practitioner. A living legend that has dedicated his life on liberating source code and making it available for all.

Welcome to our course! We are eager to share the knowledge with you! Make a step on the road to freedom!