Feb 29th 2016

Prototyping Interaction (iversity)

Prototyping means making your ideas tangible. With prototypes you can communicate, test and iterate on your design. In this course you’ll learn the different methods of prototyping by sketching, building and testing.

Prototyping is a skill every designer should master, since it's the most effective, fast and often cheapest way to make your ideas tangible and communicate them. In this course you'll learn to think by using your hands to make your design a better experience for your end users by sketching, experimenting, making and testing.

In this six week course, you will be working on a prototype for a concept you’ll develop in the first weeks involving a mobile device. You will be exploring different types of prototyping, from paper prototypes to a digital prototype and eventually even a physical prototype.

In a world where we have to deal with new technologies on a daily basis, the prototyping process will help you understand the user and the way he or she interacts with these new and existing technologies. Understanding and executing this process will make your design stronger and more valuable to the end user.

By the end of the course, you know how to incorporate prototyping interaction in your design process. This will not only make your design process more effective, it will also help you gain new insights about the user and the way he or she interacts with your product or service.