Jul 7th 2014

Preparation for General Chemistry (Coursera)

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The course develops critical thinking and analytic problem solving skills within a chemistry context in order to prepare students for success in college-level General Chemistry—a key gateway class required for many undergraduate majors.

Chemistry is about atoms and molecules and their transformations, and is referred to as the Central Science because it connects the physical and life sciences. General Chemistry is your gateway into chemistry, and is required for majors in just about every field of science, technology and medicine. General Chemistry trains students to think like scientists through the application of chemical principles to solve problems.

College-level general chemistry, however, is extremely fast-paced, and students are faced with challenges of absorbing new chemistry concepts at the same time they are applied to complex problems. The goal of this class is to prepare students for success in General Chemistry by honing their chemistry problem solving skills.

In this class, we will review fundamental mathematical skills, as well as provide strategies for general chemistry problem solving. Focus will be placed on selected conceptual areas of chemistry, and then delve deeply into application of these concepts to solve real-world problems. The class emphasizes critical thinking, solution strategies for complex chemical problems and foundational math skills. A goal of this course is to train students to think like scientists, and prepare them for success in university courses in science, technology engineering and mathematics.

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