Introduction to VBA/Excel Programming (CSUPomona)

Introduction to VBA/Excel Programming (CSUPomona)
Free Course
Prior experience with Excel would be helpful, but not needed to succeed in the course.
Introduction to VBA/Excel Programming (CSUPomona)
In this free self-paced course, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel spreadsheets and computer programming using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to get more out of Excel by writing your own computer programs in the VBA language. Even more importantly, you will understand the logic of programming, enabling you to learn other computer languages rapidly in the future. Students who pass the course will receive an online badge from Cal Poly Pomona.

Software requirements: For PCs, Excel 2007 or later. For Macs, Excel 2011.

Some parts of this course may be incompatible with Internet Explorer. Please use Firefox or Chrome instead.

** Since this is a self-paced course, there will be minimal or no support available from the instructors. However, most questions can be answered by checking the discussion boards. **